LOSC Lille Three Season Challenge

The Challenge:

Take LOSC Lille to new heights in Europe within three seasons. You must reach the semi finals of the UEFA Champions League whilst adhering to a number of other challenge specific criteria along with the Realistic Rules outlined on this blog too.

Posts #0 #1 and #2 are fairly word heavy, for that I apologise. I attempt to reduce the amount of writing in #3 and from then on continue that layout. This was my first challenge and so you’ll likely see the most teething problems in this!

LOSC Lille Career Mode #4 – French Veteran Spotted

Welcome back to the Three Season Challenge with LOSC Lille. We’ve entered November 2019 and are performing above what everyone (including myself) would expect. As it’s a new month, we’ll have a quick review of where we are in our competitions, how our players are developing, and how they’re performing in the competitions. If you … Continue reading LOSC Lille Career Mode #4 – French Veteran Spotted