Quick Heads Up – No upload

For those that are subscribed and waiting to hear an update, unfortunately due to family commitments I won’t be able to provide a weekly update today or the week following (21/08/2020). I am sorry and don’t want to deter anyone from thinking I’m not committed to updating this regularly. If I can find time in the weeks following I will try to do a double posting week to make up for this.

Soon I will be pursuing something that take up a considerable amount of my time at home. Hopefully this won’t impact on these posts too much although I may need to switch to bi-weekly posts. However, that’s off in the future so for now, please continue using the realistic rule set, keep tweaking the sliders and let me know if you find a great set. Let me know your thoughts on the career mode so far, anything you’d do differently, an area of the world I should scout to find players worthy of the career. Any areas that I should be looking at more that maybe I’ve glossed over.

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