Making Changes to the sliders

Hi everyone, this will hopefully an unusually short and sweet article!

As anyone knows I use the OS Community sliders version 3 WIP set. I check for updates in case they change this but as far as I’m aware it’s been the same since around the start of May 2020.

After playing through my Lille Career Mode (link below to the challenge), and just from games in general, I noticed that I was getting huge scorelines fairly often. There have been many, many moments where I’ve thought, “Wow, keeper should do better there,” not just for my keeper but also with the goals that I’ve scored. I also notice, and this might be normal, that the AI can perform some exceptional finishes that seem unrealistic at times. I wanted to tone down the exceptional finishes (or at least the frequency of them) and improve the Goalkeepers so they weren’t letting in as many “easy” shots. My goal therefore is to increase the GK ability slightly and then amend the shots somehow. This will be applied to both my sliders and the AI.

Starting with the Goalkeeper ability:
Now instantly I thought, “oh well I’ll just bump the GK ability slider up” which could be a simple fix. However, it’s worth considering that a number of factors affect how the GK behaves. Shot speed and shot error contribute to the Goalkeeper’s behaviour. We’re aiming for a keeper that saves reactively and pulls off wonder saves occasionally but that doesn’t appear psychic. For those that don’t know, the goalkeeper’s animation appears to be pre-programmed based on the animation of the shot. So in the instance that your GK ability is almost “too good” it sometimes appears as though he is psychic as he dives literally as the ball leaves the Striker’s foot predicting the shot before it even has time to fly.

So first off, looking back at the other versions of OS Community sliders, their last value before 40 was 49 GK ability which apparently helped reduce the effect of being psychic. The primary reason it was reduced was because goalkeeper’s were catching the ball too often on testing, further still they planned to increase the shot error by 2 points to 70 from 68. However they were reducing shot speed from 50 to 49. I think it possibly went too low and so an adjustment to GK ability to 45 for now should be interesting.

Next looking into the shots:
So we’ve increased our goalkeeping ability to 45 which should instantly see more shots being saved than before and possibly reduce the volume of goals we see. But this won’t affect the frequency of the semi-unrealistic shooting that we can witness vs the AI. I’m talking specifically those first time, running onto the ball, sometimes on weak foot, incredibly powerful shots that find the top or bottom corner. You’ll see them in the highlight videos especially against top teams. I know top teams are more likely to score great goals but some games I find are just full of them. I feel a decrease in shot speed back to the original 49 combined with our previous moving of GK ability to 45 should be a nice middle ground. This way it gives the keeper a chance to possibly even save those worldy shots. I felt shot error would be best left alone as it does produce a good variety of errors.

Nothing crazy, let me know your thoughts? Is there anything you would change on the slider base if you’ve been using them? Feel free to use the contact form below or leave a comment 🙂

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