Quick Heads Up – No upload

For those that are subscribed and waiting to hear an update, unfortunately due to family commitments I won't be able to provide a weekly update today or the week following (21/08/2020). I am sorry and don't want to deter anyone from thinking I'm not committed to updating this regularly. If I can find time in … Continue reading Quick Heads Up – No upload

Making Changes to the sliders

Hi everyone, this will hopefully an unusually short and sweet article! As anyone knows I use the OS Community sliders version 3 WIP set. I check for updates in case they change this but as far as I'm aware it's been the same since around the start of May 2020. After playing through my Lille … Continue reading Making Changes to the sliders

LOSC Lille Career Mode #5 – Big Boys Inbound

Welcome back to November 2019 in the Three Season Challenge, this week's update will be straight down to brass tacks looking at the remaining three games in the month: a league match at home against FC Metz, a tough trip to Paris to face PSG, and a Champions League match against Ajax. If you missed … Continue reading LOSC Lille Career Mode #5 – Big Boys Inbound