The Home of Realistic FIFA Career Modes and Scenarios

Welcome to; an in depth & semi-niche blog that will look at the world of FIFA and the many different paths one can take in its ever criticised Career Mode. Each scenario is looked at on what I believe to be a whole new level of detail. I try to be as immersive as possible with all of my reasoning to truly achieve a great experience from a game mode that otherwise has been missing out on some TLC from EA. Check out some quick links above and below for access to my previous “Posts”, feel free to “Contact” me with any ideas on what you’d like to see me write about (or not write about). Below you’ll find a wide range of references from the rule-set I use in every career mode to a couple of external website references that I recommend reading. In time as the blog expands and career modes develop there will be quick links to the latest scenarios below and any work in progress campaigns.

Here is a quick link to what this blog is all about:

Here are the “Realistic” House Rules that I used in every career mode (a lengthy but necessary read that one day I will provide a summary of):

A note on the sliders that are linked below: I use the Operation Sports (OS) Community Sliders for FIFA 20 – version 3 on Legendary difficulty with 10 minute halves (it means I do go through career modes slowly but the feel of the games at 10 minutes vs 6 minutes is game changing)

I must recommend Transfermrkt too. Their resources are incredible and I use them heavily when testing certain ideas and theories and then apply those to FIFA. A link to their website is below.

I hope you find the information from this site useful at the very least. My goal is simply to improve others Career Mode experiences, nothing more. I don’t stream or provide regular video content on my play. If you’d be interested in this then it would be something I could explore in the future (let me know via the contact section).

It’s at this point as well I’d like to put in a public disclaimer.
FIFA series and all FIFA assets are property of EA Sports.
Any third party resource I do my utmost to credit. The vast of majority of my external resources come from:
I do not attempt to replicate their material and claim credit for my own. I simply use them as a guide and reference from which analysis is performed. Any third party data or materials are owned and created entirely by them. I strongly suggest you visit their sites for your own personal use alongside this blog.